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Frequently Asked Questions
Are there people who don’t demonstrate much passion at all?
Yes, but they are in the minority of the population who have completed the Passion Profiler.

Can the Passion Profiler tell me if I am in the right job?
The Passion Profiler report provided with your access code included with this book will provide you with information on the top three archetypes that you carry—what we call your “Passion Archetype Cluster.” Details about each of these archetypes can be found in the relevant chapters of this book, which also provide an abbreviated list of potential jobs or functions in which the archetypes will thrive. After logging on to www.passionprofiler. com with your access code (found on the reverse side of the back jacket flap) and completing the tool, for an additional fee, you may elect to receive the Passion Profiler Comprehensive Analysis. This analysis will provide in-depth information on your top three passions and scoring on all ten passion archetypes, visually represented with graphs and standardized means. It will also provide insights on how your passion archetypes relate to your work. In addition, the extended report will identify how connected you feel to your organization, it will indicate the capacity and propensity you demonstrate for reflecting and making meaning of work and life experiences, and it will highlight the impact your passions have on the Organizational Knowledge Cycle.

How has the Passion Profiler been used?
The tool has been applied in a variety of organizational settings. Examples include individual and executive development, team development, succession planning, and strategic organizational development. In addition, it has been utilized with individuals experiencing job and life transitions who are seeking a deeper understanding about what gives meaning to their life in order to determine their future direction. The Passion Profiler also has implications for use within family systems.

How long will it take me to complete the Passion Profiler?
On average, most respondents are able to complete the tool within 30 to 45 minutes. We suggest that you do not over think every item but instead, answer as honestly as possible, without worrying about how others would want you to respond. If you are interrupted while completing the Passion Profiler, you may log off and then return to it at another time simply by logging in with your access code and resume answering the next item. Is it possible to fail the test or look bad?|Absolutely not! There is no pass/fail, and there are no right or wrong answers—only your answers. Remember, this tool is based in positive psychology

How many items will I need to respond to in the Passion Profiler?
There are 158 items in the professional version of the tool, plus additional demographic identifiers.

What if people who work for me take the Passion Profiler and find that there is limited connection between their passions and their work? Don’t I risk losing them?
In our experience, few individuals choose to leave their jobs when they discover a disconnect between their passion archetypes and their jobs. In fact, with the benefit of the Passion Profiler, these individuals are able to more readily identify an outlet for their passions in their current job, thereby strengthening what was once a weak connection. We have observed that employees who are unable to express their passions through their work are much more likely to leave their job or become apathetic and less productive. We believe the Passion Profiler provides a unique mechanism for weaving a connection between one’s work and one’s passions, thus preventing this attrition or decline of productivity.

What is the Passion Archetype Cluster?
The Passion Archetype Cluster consists of your top three passion archetypes. The cluster represents how you are hardwired from a passion perspective, and it indicates the means by which you are most likely to find fulfillment. The Passion Profiler highlights your top three passion archetypes because individuals are not defined by one passion alone; we are all a mosaic of our passions. How the three passions in one’s cluster operate may vary from person to person. For example, the passions may operate collectively or you may have one passion that is the real driver for the expression of the other two.

What is the Passion Profiler?
The Passion Profiler is an online assessment tool that measures an individual’s purpose as it is expressed externally through observable behaviors manifesting as passions. The instrument identifies and measures ten specific archetypes (or patterns) of passion, and it establishes a hierarchy of the passions that an individual demonstrates. It is grounded in sociocognitive identity development and positive psychology, which is a field of psychology that emphasizes the positive perspectives in an individual’s personality and social functioning rather than the deficits and interpersonal pathologies. The intent of those who practice positive psychology is to understand what facilitates individual flourishing.

Will my passion archetypes always be the same?
It is generally accepted that personality is fluid. However, one’s passions tend to be present throughout the life cycle, although they may not be manifested the same over time. For example, the hierarchy of passions in your Passion Archetype Cluster may change over time. What was once the second or third archetype in the cluster may become the first in the cluster depending upon work and life circumstances.

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